Montag, 5. September 2011

I'm back

  Hiiii everybody
I'm back from my Hong Kong trip~
but I've done a stupid mistake...I have send my SD Card to Germany ....
I can earliest in two months upload the Hong Kong pictures
sorrry long I will posting about some ViVi magazine and other things ... I hope u can waiting for two months
One thing I have to tell you ....Hong Kong is sooooo amazing !!
I miss Hong Kong soooo much and my family  ...I want to live there forever ..
okii tomorrow I will  blogging regularly again .
see yaa



Catrin hat gesagt…

Willkommen zurück ♥
Gibt es keine Möglichkeit das du nach Hong Kong ziehst vllt...?

ChemicalDolly hat gesagt…

we ♥ hong kong. :D

just Jennifer :3 hat gesagt…

welcome back ^^
yeah i love hongkong too <3
the city is just wonderful :3 cant wait for the pics :3

Hikari hat gesagt…

welcome back yuki-chan ^^

Tenshi hat gesagt…

hong kong is just great <3
nice pic, you're really pretty :)

Suzie Makes You Up hat gesagt…

awesome blog !!

please come and check out my HUGEE beauty giveaway that im having.. theres only a few more days to enter so make sure you get in..

Nee hat gesagt…

Hi! ^^Me gusta tu blog :) te sigo

Huy Tran hat gesagt…

i hope HK is good as you make it sound. i might go there in the future! ^^ and learn some Canto, woo!

Matteo Taffuri hat gesagt…

Thanks Yuki!

Wild Things Grow Here hat gesagt…

Such a cute picture, and I love all the little moving pictures in your post! :)

Kaja hat gesagt…

great t-shirt ;)