Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

Today I have buy : 2 bangle's , 2 rings , 1 black chain

And I've buy this candy's ~ they are soo yammy favourite flavour is cherry & lemon

This was my outfit ~

& in the end .... i want say a BIG THANK YOU to my READERS & FOLLOWERS
I luv u guys
& have a nice day & week


Karla | hat gesagt…

The rings are supercute :)
Mmm yummi, my favourite candy flavour is lemon and cherry too :)

Ken hat gesagt…


Lenara hat gesagt…

hi love LOVE your blog soo cute.

im defiantly following you.

why not follow me?

☆♔Yuki Cloud♥♪ hat gesagt…

Hii thank you for ur comments <3

Laura hat gesagt…

I love your hillsss <3

Arroz Rice Heywong (Itzarely Heywong) hat gesagt…

.-OMG u blog so very cute *w* and me too have a chef bear clock :3 xDD ñawwwww <3<3!!!! i following u :D

Lovelorn hat gesagt…

I love this Candy :D
By the are so pretty *_*

YanYan hat gesagt…


YOu have a great collection of fashion accessories.
Please update your blog always because from this day onwards I will be your number 1 fan..