Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

Cute stuff's

here u can see some cute stuff's ☆of my room (∩▂∩) 
my gingerbread man's

here u can see Doremi ~one of my favourite anime character

my lovey pearl dog
i got this from a friend ♥

haha my old anime toys ( "Digimon"4ever )  & one disney toy

yes in my room is a little aquarium with the little mermaid ^o^

and both of mine のっぽくん Noppo (Hamtaro) they take care my magazine
 i think a lot of u say OMG is she a lil child or what? So no i'm not a lil child ~ i'm just a big girl that love's her cute things !!
 but i don't care what some people think about me ~ i love cute stuff's and they belong to my life ~ !!! all of these stuff had a little story and prominence and beauty memories of me !!!
i hope u like this post
so see ya on my next posting


Leeloo Cubus hat gesagt…

awwww so cute

Pam hat gesagt…

Hey! I love your lovely pearl dog! so cute!

a kiss

Maria hat gesagt…

LalalalaaLOVE your blogg ! It's so cuteee ^^

Maleikie hat gesagt…

sweet stuff! I love disney & kawaii stuff! Tnx for the follow!! XoXo

☆♔Yuki Cloud♥♪ hat gesagt…

Haiii ^-^
aww thank you for ur nice comments ♥

Pudding hat gesagt…

Yes i love cute stuff too!

- hat gesagt…

aaah OMG you have so much cute stuff and i don't think it's childish some of these things i have also and i'm 18 now